One of the important criteria for professional gamblers when selecting a casino to play with is the welcome bonus on offer. This is more often than not, the largest largess you will ever get from a casino in terms of generosity and attraction. We know quite a lot of potential players have no idea what a welcome bonus is or how to get one. So if you are one of the many people who do not know this, it is best you hang around to hear what we have got to say.

Welcome Bonuses: Definition

A fundamental difference between casinos on the Internet and physical ones is the attractive bonuses which the online casino utilizes to lure in players into their establishment. But these bonuses are not all the same.

A casino usually has many types of bonuses, but the biggest of them all is the welcome bonus. It has been known to come to the aid of many a good player while a handsome few have been known to use a welcome bonus to win huge sums of cash! This bonus gives players the confidence to sign up to a new casino. Most times, a player may receive the bonus when the first deposit is made, but there are times where a casino may offer you welcome bonuses without any deposit.

The essence of a Bonus

When used wisely, a welcome bonus can be a formidable tool for the professional player. It hurts to lose your money, so it is logical for you to make use of the welcome bonus. Sometimes, the bigger your deposit, the higher your welcome bonus – in other cases, there are no deposits at all needed in the cases of no deposit bonuses.

So if you want to keep playing for a far longer period of time than you have on your account, it is strategic to multiply your bankroll by making use of this bonus. So what are the best welcome bonuses out there? Stay locked on to find out:

Cash match

This is one of the most common bonuses offered by online casinos. To identify this bonus, look around for an online casino offering a certain amount of cash for free. The word 'free' in the dictionary connotes anything that is gotten without payment, but this is not usually the case when it comes to casinos.

Majority of the casinos make it mandatory to deposit a minimum amount of funds in your account before getting access to the welcome bonus. A cash match bonus is basically a casino giving you extra money for every amount you deposit. If you put in $200, it gives you an extra $200. In this instance, the "cash match" is 100%. Note that the percentages may differ from casino to casino.

Staggered Cash Match

This is essentially the same as a cash match, but in this instance, the bonuses are divided into segments. If you trigger one segment of the bonus, it opens another segment. This may be by fulfilling the conditions of the offer. Staggered cash match is used to make sure a player deposits multiple times.